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Highlights In Brief
April 4-5, 208
Collins Road Theatres, Marion

  • 88 entries
  • 40 Official Selections
  • 11 Gold and 12 Silver Eddys awarded, plus Audience Choice and Iowa Connection Eddys. Prizes were trophies, software, IMPA/Iowa Film Office scholarships and other valuable prizes
  • Special Guest Seminars: Music and the Mix II, Gerard Estella, Acting for the Camera, Deb Copeland, Motion Picture Producton in Iowa, a History, J. Douglas Miller.

2009 Cedar Rapids Independent
Film Festival

April 3-4, 2009
Collins Road Theatres
Marion, Iowa 52402

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Photo Gallery

2008 CRI Film Festival

2004 Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival
April 4-5, 2008
Collins Road Theatres
1462 Twixt Town Road, Marion, IA 52302

The Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival was held Friday and Saturday, April 4 and 5, at the Collins Road Theatres, Marion, Iowa. The festival screened 40 films from local, regional and national filmmakers. In addition, three filmmaking seminars were presented.

Eddy Awards Results

Eddy Awards were handed out at the Saturday evening ceremony. Student Gold Eddy winners received an Iowa Motion Picture Association/Iowa Film Office $250 scholarship. Pro-Am Gold Eddy winners received Gorilla Pro 4.5 production management software from Jungle Software. Professional Gold Eddy winners received tbe indiRAILSpro XVsm from Studio4 Productions.

Student Freestyle
Silver: “Pieces of the Sun” - Lee Buchenau, Kamau Bilal
Gold: “Who Deserves the Vote” – Joel Bouwers

Student Documentary
Silver: “The Art of Life” - Daniel Randolph, Edward Gall
Gold: “You Might Need It Someday” - Phoebe Webb

Student Short Form
Silver: “We Are Theo” - Geoff Boothby, Cullen Thomas, Jonathan Cohen
Gold: “The Magician” - Shaun Abernathy, Nick Bray, Dave Grove

Student Long Form
Silver: “Animate My Heart” – Joe Boyle
Gold: “Knights of Caemonshire” – Adam Orton

Pro-Am Freestyle
Silver: “Wild No More” – Kevin Railsback
Gold: “New Year’s Eve” - Josie Metal-Corbin, Chalie Livingston, Ver Kathol

Pro-Am Documentary
Silver: “Bill’s Big Pumpkins” - Ryan Foss, Bill Nagel, Christopher Landergan
Gold: “Dead Lonesome” – Joe Taylor

Pro-Am Short Form
(tie) Silver: “Fatherland” - Ben Godar, Robert Warzecha, Scott Russell
(tie) Silver: “Elliot’s Wake” - Mark Price, Adam Martyn
Gold: “Plainview” - Scott Jones, Liz Dotts

Pro-Am Feature
Gold: “Beneath the Mississippi” - Lonnie Schuyler, Tim Anderson

Professional Documentary
(tie) Silver: “Next Exit, Main Street” - Jeff Baldo, Travis Cook, Dana Mannion, Jeremy von Stilb
(tie) Silver: “FRAG” - Mike Pasley, Judd Saul, Todd Fossey
Gold: “Lost Nation: The Ioway” - Kelly and Tammy Rundle

Professional Short Form
Silver: “An Inconsequential Matter” - Max Allan Collins, Chuck Hughes, Phillip W. Dingeldein
Gold: “Capture Claus” - Chris McInroy

Professional Feature
Silver: “Haunting Villisca” - James Serpento, Kimberly Busbee
Gold: “The Human Trace” - Jason Satterlund

Audience Choice
“Beneath the Mississippi” - Lonnie Schuyler, Tim Anderson

Iowa Connection Eddy
“Lost Nation: The Ioway” - Kelly and Tammy Rundle. The winner receives a $500 rebate, sponsored by the Festival and Collins Road Theatres, on production goods and services purchased in Iowa.

Special Guest Seminars

J. Douglas Miller
Motion Picture Production in Iowa: A History

(Courtesy of IMDB) J. Douglas Miller is a 4th generation Iowan, born, raised and educated in the Quad Cities. He began his career in the movies as an usher at the RKO Orpheum Theatre in Davenport, Iowa. Doug, as he is known to his friends, also served as a production assistant for GMT Productions, the leading theatrical promotion company in the Quad Cities at the time. He served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam and worked as a production coordinator for the Bob Hope Christmas Show while assigned to the Commanding General at Support Command Headquarters in Da Nang.

Upon his honorable discharge from military service Doug continued his education at the Palmer Colleges in Davenport, studying chiropractic, the basic sciences and mass media. Doug began working as a production assistant at the WOC Broadcasting Company, a pioneer radio and television firm affiliated with the NBC Network in Davenport. He eventually became a producer and the Director of Community Relations, and was promoted to Director for Corporate Development of WOC's parent company, Palmer Communications Inc. in Des Moines. While in that position he assisted the company with community and governmental relations on a local and national level. Doug co-founded a media company which owned WOC AM and KIIK FM (now KUUL) as well as Signal Hill Productions. Doug is now the President of Two Rivers & Associates, Inc. which through its affiliate Motion Pictures Midwest has been involved in many capacities with numerous productions including motion pictures, television and special events with such clients as ADM, I-Wireless, John Deere, QVC, ABC, VH-1, RAI, Filmauro, the State of Illinois, the Library of Congress and the White House.

Doug has served as a production director for the award winning Italian director, Pupi Avati of Duea Film, Rome. He has worked with Avati on nine motion pictures, some of which have been "in competition" at the Cannes Film Festival ("Bix") and at the Venice Film Festival ("Brothers & Sisters"). Doug served as the field producer of "Mississippi, River of Song" for the Smithsonian and PBS. He also was responsible for the commission of and produced the first public performance of the symphonic suite "Rhapsody for Bix" with the Quad City Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with composer, conductor and motion picture scorer Lalo Schifrin of "Mission Impossible" fame. Doug recently was the co-production manager of the motion picture "The Hideout", directed by Pupi Avati and starring Laura Morante, Treat Williams, Burt Young and Rita Tushingham. He also recently served as a field producer for the motion picture "Sugar", produced by Journeyman Pictures, whose other productions have included "Half Nelson" and "Maria Full of Grace."

Mr. Miller served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Iowa Department of Economic Development and as such was instrumental in creating the state film commission now known as the Iowa Film Office as well as being elected as the founding President of the Iowa Motion Picture Association and receiving one of the first Iowa Film Awards. He later played a leadership role in passing motion picture production incentive legislation for Iowa. Doug has served on the Board of Directors of the Quad City Development Group, the Quad City Labor Management Council and Quad City Arts and has been active with numerous other community and political organizations.

Deb Copeland
Acting for the Camera

So what are the differences between camera and stage? This workshop covered the differences in acting styles, the basics of a good headshot and performance resume, and basic auditioning skills. Participants worked in front of the camera to enable immediate feedback as they developed their audition technique.

Copeland then held auditions Sunday for “Peacock,” which shot in Des Moines in in summer 2008.

Deb Copeland of Copeland Creative Talent is a talent agent and casting director in Des Moines, Iowa. While working as a producer on local projects, she saw a need for an agent who understood good acting skills as well as the needs of the producers. She started with the premise that there are many talented people in the state. And, she has been proven right by booking actors and models in hundreds of shoots over the past 13 years. Work includes film, television, industrials, commercials and print with clients too numerous to mention.

Gerard Estella
Music and the Mix II

Estella lead a seminar on using music to set the mood, and achieving an ideal final audio mix. Estella is an audio expert, having spent several years producing recordings, playing with major recording artists and designing soundscapes for commercial and entertainment film and video productions. Estella owns North 40. We need to tell you, up front, for your own safety, that Gerard is a dangerous man. His legacy of blowing the roof off theatres across the country has left behind a pathetic trail of stunned audience members who thought they were out for an evening of wholesome, family entertainment. His guitar and keyboard playing have been outlawed in 12 of the original 13 colonies and he has been forbidden to sing as far south as Juarez, Mexico. No matter what people say, Gerard Estella is one of the most fun guys there is to work with. He combines the excitement of a five year old at Disneyland with the raw musical talent of a veteran rock star. Gerard and his genius are well represented our CDs, The Holotones Live at Liars #1 and Janelle Lauer Live at Liars, as well as on Ms. Lauer's latest recording, Turning the Corner.

Eddy Awards

For us, Eddy has dual meaning. First, it pays tribute to Thomas Alva Edison who, among other things, was a pioneer in motion pictures. Second, the noun eddy is defined as “a current moving contrary to the direction of the main current.” Independent filmmakers often go against the “current” of trends in mainstream cinema.


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The Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival was created to provide a venue for Iowa filmmakers to screen their work for peers and general audiences. The organization’s primary goals are to encourage Iowa independent filmmakers to continue improving their craft, to provide a place to specifically showcase Iowa-connected films, present a unique cultural event to the community, and to offer networking opportunities for the purpose of building the Iowa Filmmaking Industry.

Each year’s work has covered many genres and skill levels, including comedies, dramas, and documentaries by amateur, professional and student filmmakers. To help filmmakers improve their craft, industry experts judge the films, then later meet with the contestants for individual critiquing.

For full results of each year, see the Festival Archives Menu in the sidebar.




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