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Highlights In Brief
April 2-3, 2004
Collins Road Theatres, Marion

  • Moved to permanent location at reopened Collins Road Theatres
  • Expanded to 2 screens
  • Iowa Connection required
  • 49 outstanding entries
  • 30 Official Selections
  • Over 450 attendees
  • Special Guests: Mayors Paul Pate of Cedar Rapids and John Nieland of Marion
  • Keynote Address: Tom Wheeler, Manager of the Iowa Film Office

2009 Cedar Rapids Independent
Film Festival

April 3-4, 2009
Collins Road Theatres
Marion, Iowa 52402

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2004 CRI Film Festival

The 2004 Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival was held Friday and Saturday, April 2nd and 3rd, at the newly renovated Collins Road Theatres, 1462 Twixtown Road, Marion, Iowa. In its fourth year, the festival experienced much growth and evolution. To emphasize the Festival’s purpose of honoring the Iowa filmmaking industry, a special “Iowa Tie” requirement was added to the entry guidelines. Even with more strict eligibility rules, nearly 50 films were submitted for consideration. A panel of expert judges selected 30 for exhibition.

Opening ceremonies were led by Marion Mayor John Nieland and Cedar Rapids Mayor Paul Pate, and a keynote address was given Saturday night by Tom Wheeler of the Iowa Film Office.

Awards presented at the Saturday evening ceremony:

Official Selections: Disillusioned by Jen Hedrick and Orly Shuber, The Ecology of Love by Devon Terrill, EPIC by Matthew E. Merritt, Exquisite Corpse by David Fishel, Fault by Jenny Stolte, For Always by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, Glory Days: A Documentary by Jason Spangler and Paul Marlow, Halloween 9: The Next Day by Kory Cousins, Jar of Grasshoppers by Chris McInroy, lost/found by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, Lustron - The House America's Been Waiting For by Bill Kubota, Ed Moore and Bill Ferehawk, Marion - One of Many, One of a Kind by Kim Ketelsen and Jeff Anderson, Mike Hammer’s Mickey Spillane by Max Allan Collins, Muffin Man by Jessica Eisner and David Workman, Nicki’s Abortion by Adam Brooks, One Night Stand by Adam Kokontis, Matthew J. Baker and Nathan Rippenger, Parking Problems by Paul Huenemann, Penelope Chance Learns to Dance by Paul Huenemann, Perfect Sense by Chris McInroy, Puttin’ on the Glitz by George Lindblade, Christine McAvoy and Lou Ann Lindblade, Resycle by Libby Green, Shell Rock Honey & Flowers by Sarah E. Jensen, Space Rocket by Dan Mundt, The Story About When Larggy Got A Bee Sting and Shut Himself In His Room and Went Insane by Ross Freeman and Nick Wilson, Tenzen by Matthew E. Merritt, Three Women by Max Allan Collins, Ubuntu by Deja Bernhardt, The Visitor by David Thrasher and Gene Hamilton, A Wake for Young Souls by Patrick Winfield, When Worlds Collide by Tawna Rathe and Jim Grawe.

Eddy Awards: (Named for Thomas Edison, an American motion picture pioneer; and for the river water movements, eddies, which go against the current.)

Student Freestyle
First Place: Exquisite Corpse – David Fishel
Runner Up: Disillusioned – Jen Hedrick and Orly Shuber

Student Short Form
First Place: Jar of Grasshoppers – Chris McInroy
Runner Up: One Night Stand – Adam Kokontis, Matthew J. Baker, Nathan Rippenger

Student Documentary
First Place: Ubuntu – Deja Bernhardt
Runner Up: Shell Rock Honey & Flowers – Sarah E. Jensen

Student Long Form
First Place: Perfect Sense – Chris McInroy
Runner Up: lost/found – Scott Beck, Bryan Woods

Master Freestyle
First Place: EPIC – Matthew E. Merritt
Runner Up: Tenzen – Matthew E. Merritt

Master Short Form
First Place (tie): Penelope Chance Learns to Dance – Paul Huenemann
First Place (tie): Glory Days: A Documentary – Jason Spangler, Paul Marlow

Master Documentary
First Place: Lustron – The House America’s Been Waiting For – Bill Kubota, Ed Moore, Bill Ferehawk
Runner Up: Mike Hammer’s Mickey Spillane – Max Allan Collins

Master Feature
First Place: Muffin Man – Jessica Eisner, David Workman

Audience Choice
Glory Days: A Documentary – Jason Spangler, Paul Marlow

The Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival was created to provide a place for area filmmakers to show their work to peers and the general public.

Many people who have made films do not have a way to show them to anyone besides their family and friends. The greatest reward for a filmmaker is having their film shown to an appreciative audience. One of our 2002 festival entrants commented what a wonderful feeling it was to observe an audience watching his film--and have them laugh when they were supposed to laugh!

Awards are presented in student and professional categories for features, shorts, documentaries, experimental films, and audience choice. In addition to screenings and awards, the festival offers guest speakers and lots of networking opportunities.

For full results of each year, see the Festival History Menu in the sidebar.

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