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Highlights In Brief
April 4-5, 2003
Cherry Auditorium
Coe College

  • 43 entries judged
  • 22 Official Selections awarded
  • Nearly 300 attendees
  • Keynote Address: Hollywood TV and movie producer, Steve Schott

2009 Cedar Rapids Independent
Film Festival

April 3-4, 2009
Collins Road Theatres
Marion, Iowa 52402

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2003 CRI Film Festival

The Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival was created to provide a place for local filmmakers to show their work to peers and the general public.

In its third year, the festival grew by leaps and bounds, arriving at a total of 43 films submitted for consideration. Twenty-two selected entries were screened April 4 and 5 at Cherry Auditorium at Coe College. 2003's work covered many genres and skill levels, including comedies, dramas, and documentaries by master and student filmmakers. Speakers included Herb Kane and Mike Hall from, Shirley Long from Screenwriters Bootcamp; and the keynote address was given by Steve Schott of the IMPA, Iowa Film Office, and producer of numerous tv and movie projects.

Awards presented at the Saturday evening ceremony:

Official Selections
Alarm by William Lehman, Ash Wednesday by Paul Martin, The Breakfast Special by David Fishel, Crimson Duel by Noble Film (Joe Boyle and Kurt Oberhaus), Dance Compa-Rhythmns by Michelle Rutten, Eating L.A. by Steve Binder, Escape Velocity by Dan Mundt, Family Tree by Hayden Grooms, Flying After by Julie Russell-Steuart, The Formula: Enriched by Steve Phelan and Chris Hanel, For God and Country by Pat Yackley and Craig Schaefer, Heartland Signs by Jason Spangler and Paul Marlow, Indigo Dreams by Matthew Merritt, Irving Park by Michael Tolva and Stephen Hitchcock, A Matter of Principal by Max Allan Collins, National Motorcycle Museum by Nancy Kula's Anamosa High School Video Production Class, The Next Table by James Serpento and Kimberly Busbee, On the Fast Track by Giovanni Quezada, Persistence of Vision by Andy Langager, Power of Love by Rick Amundson, With Her Own Eyes by Melissa Westley and Elizabeth John, World History of the Orange by David Fishel.

Student Freestyle
First Place: Alarm - Willliam Lehman
Runner Up: Indigo Dreams - Matthew Merritt

Student Short Form
First Place: Irving Park - Michael Tolva and Stephen Hitchcock
Runner Up: World History of the Orange - David Fishel

Student Documentary
First Place: With Her Own Eyes - Melissa Westley and Elizabeth John
Runner Up: National Motorcycle Museum - Anamosa High School Video Production 2 class - Teacher Nancy Kula

Student Long Form
First Place: Crimson Duel - Noble Film - Joe Boyle and Kurt Oberhaus
Runner Up: Persistence of Vision - Andy Langager

Master Freestyle
First Place: Flying After - Julie Russell-Steuart
Runner Up: Dance Compa Rythmns - Michelle Rutten

Master Short Form
First Place: A Matter of Principal - Max Allan Collins
Runner Up: Next Table - James Serpento and Kimberly Busbee

Master Documentary
First Place: Family Tree - Hayden Grooms
Runner Up: For God and Country - Pat Yackley and Craig Schaefer

Master Feature
First Place: Eating L.A. - Steve Binder
Runner Up: Escape Velocity - Dan Mundt

Audience Choice
Ash Wednesday - Paul Martin

Music Selections

Bye Bye Bye - Starch Martins -
Head Out - BoomChasers -
Devil was a Drag Racer - Sherman Hillside Stranglers -
I Was a Teenage Frankenstein - Jim Testa -
They Took Off - Brother Trucker -
Without You - Pieta Brown -
Summer Rain - James Kennedy & Friends -
The Philippians 1:21 Paradox - Dark Spectacle -
If I were Able - 30 Seconds of Shame -
Force Feed - Fear of Falling -
Evolution (G# Minor) - Semi-Tone -
Absence of Circumstance - Leven -
Tipple Time - Oblivious Minnow (this song reunites Pearls 4 Swine!!) -
Why do You Even Say That - Greg Brown -
Driftwood from Carrie - David Zollo -
Opposite of Up - Conspire -
Lament - Leven -
, Enemy - Conspire -
Stay Little Baby - The Starch Martins -
Eye of the Needle - David Zollo -
Without the Sin - The Boomchasers -
Song with No Maracas - Sherman Hillside Stranglers -
Bought and Sold - Brother Trucker -
Top Hat - Semi-Tone -
Tell Me How - Pieta Brown -
What Child Is This - Jon Southwood -
Reason to Hate - 30 Seconds of Shame -
Soul to Even - Leven -
Healthy Brain Pills - Oblivious Minnow -
Beyond the Sunset - Greg Brown -
San Franciso Peaks - James Kennedy & Friends -
TriskaidekaBlues - Jon Southwood -
Incident at the Harrington - Sherman Hillside Stranglers -
Complete (Charger's Ether Remix) - 30 Seconds of Shame -
I don't Like You - Conspire -
Sunshine Came - The Starch Martins -



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